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Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 21:13:18 PDT 2008

Lord Ivo's comments (relevant parts quoted below for reference, with 
additional comments) seem to miss the mark of what this discussion was 
supposed to focus on, based on the Lord Admiral's email. His proposal 
was to lessen the increasing strain on travel that's imposed on all of 
us due to the ridiculous gas prices, administrative concerns and other 
problems. Nowhere in his message did he propose breaking off from 
Ansteorra. /In fact, he said quite the opposite./

Unfortunately, it seems that for most people, principality = treason. I 
use the term very deliberately. The unrestrained anger and venom that 
was released when I asked a simple question about principalities last 
year launched a two month flaming, thundering hate-fest on the list, and 
all because of the history surrounding the birth of our Kingdom over 30 
/years/ ago.

Until the people are willing to forget about the past, we will NEVER 
have a principality in this kingdom now matter how much it makes sense 
to do so. Before any constructive discussion on this matter can happen 
everyone needs to realize that principality /doesn't /equal treason. It 
also doesn't mean those people who want a principality have any 
intention of /ever/ breaking away from the Kingdom. It is possible to 
have a principality inside a kingdom that has absolutely/ no intention 
of //ever breaking away./ The West and An Tir are living proof of this.

Just because we became a principality with the sole intention of 
becoming a kingdom doesn't mean that a principality formed in our 
kingdom would want to do the same. In fact, considering the general 
feeling of patriotism most of us have for Ansteorra, I'd actually lay 
heavy odds against it.

So, as much as I hate to say it, this whole line of discussion is 
probably better off being dropped, immediately.

Faelan Caimbeul
Barony of the Steppes
Kingdom of Ansteorra
and all around pain in the butt ;-)

"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."

			Ben Franklin

>Lord Ivo's comments:

>Unfortunately, such talk as yout port has always, and I mean "always!"
>been the ignition factor for extremely caustic, violent and nasty
>turns in the discussion of principality. <snip>

>Any talk of succession from Ansteorra will have overwhelming negative

Very true, if the issue of succession was at issue, but it /isn't./

> Framing this conversation as any sort of
>corrective action for a wrong on the part of the kingdom (real or
>perceived) is not only a death sentence for the concept of
>principality, but an astonishingly efficient way to hurt other people
>in the north.

Again, facts not in evidence. Howhere was the kingdom, the crown or anyone else accussed of any slight or wrongdoing. The proposal of a principality is made to affect a logistical and administrative solution to an ongoing problem.

>Please remember, while you have your own opinions about the kingdom
>and its administration, and they are not unique, they are also not
>held by a majority of the people of the north. 

That may be true, but an open and civilized discussion would be the best way to determine what everyone's opinion is.

>Nothing will be accomplished if this movement is characterized by >anger, resentment, hostility or discontent. 

True, but no offense, that statement is bound to cause those reactions.

>Even if we were to miraculously be granted kingdom status tomorrow,  >the culture that still exists in the state of Oklahoma would still  >require the support and attendance of the better part of the SCA  >population in Texas until their is sufficient time for the social >changes to take place at their own pacing.

No one said this would happen over night. And assuming that they were granted kingdom status tomorrow, the people of Texas would have nothing to do with their cultural development. Those changes would take place before they became a kingdom. As I said, considering the general feelings of people in this kingdom, I don't see them ever breaking away anyhow. Again, that was never the stated intention of forming a principality of Nordsteorra in the first place.

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