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Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 00:11:29 PDT 2008

>I think this raises a number of possibilities including the idea of a County
>or Duchy where a particular noble or noble couple is responsible for being
>the crown's representative for a time (year? two?) and seeing to the needs
>of the populace there. 

I've thought about the same thing, turning the regions as they now stand, into Duchies. This would have the "feel" of a principality (with the Dukes being able to act and serve like a Prince in the King's stead) but would eliminate all the hard feelings about the "P" word, since a Duchy isn't a recognized entity in the SCA. 

And if the King were so inclined, he may be able to ceed rights to the Duke to underwrite his own awards. This was done in the Far West (Japan, Korea and Guam), where the Baron there may give AoAs on his own, without the Kings prior permission or knowledge (I received one of the first of such AoAs myself). This could solve the logistical problems of Royal travel, and probably the other problems as well, without adding another set of tournaments and more "fighter power". ;-)

Just a thought . . . 

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