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   There is already a name for this position.  Baron and Baroness.


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> >I think this raises a number of possibilities including the idea of a
> County
> >or Duchy where a particular noble or noble couple is responsible for
> being
> >the crown's representative for a time (year? two?) and seeing to the
> needs
> >of the populace there.
> I've thought about the same thing, turning the regions as they now stand,
> into Duchies. This would have the "feel" of a principality (with the Dukes
> being able to act and serve like a Prince in the King's stead) but would
> eliminate all the hard feelings about the "P" word, since a Duchy isn't a
> recognized entity in the SCA.
> And if the King were so inclined, he may be able to ceed rights to the
> Duke to underwrite his own awards. This was done in the Far West (Japan,
> Korea and Guam), where the Baron there may give AoAs on his own, without the
> Kings prior permission or knowledge (I received one of the first of such
> AoAs myself). This could solve the logistical problems of Royal travel, and
> probably the other problems as well, without adding another set of
> tournaments and more "fighter power". ;-)
> Just a thought . . .
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