[Ansteorra] Ansteorran Loyalty?

Rose & Chad love at roseandchad.net
Mon Mar 24 08:15:51 PDT 2008

I've been thinking about this whole Nordsteorra business and I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter in the long run.
  I started playing when I was very small and I took a few years out to stay home with my smalls. When I thought about coming back, I was worried that it would have changed with the years and that I would invest money in a hobby that was vastly different, as well as tarish some very cherished childhood memories. 
  I started eventing again and found that even though the popular campsites had changed (What, my kids will never see the view from the Point 8 cliff?!?) and some smaller groups had grown up and started hosting events, these things were really only lines on a map because everything else was the same. I found the SCA uninterrupted, with no great changes made, our attitude unblemished. I was ecstatic.
  So even if we split into Nordsteorra and Sousedoerra, it won't really matter, right? They're just lines on a map. I wouldn't notice if I crossed an invisible line to go to Steppes Warlord, because Steppes Warlord will still be awesome and I will feel just as welcome there as I do at my own group's events, just as people feel at home and welcome at Gulf Wars, which is supposed to be one of the awesome local-ish events, even though it's also not on home ground.
  So then I thought, what about my loyalty to the King and Queen? Aren't I supposed to feel loyalty and the whatnot? And then I realized that while sometimes we get a King or a Queen that I know and am ecstatic with (That's you, Queen Vanessa!), most of the time we get someone that I've never heard of, but will probably do a great job anyway (Hiya, King Aaron!). So it doesn't really matter who the King and Queen are, in this sense.
  So it seems that separating areas to make smaller administrative platforms will likely do exactly that. Make smaller administrative platforms. It certainly won't create a giant 'Do Not Cross' line, at least one not any bigger that I already see when I look through my Black Star at events in Texas, and that one was created by the gas pump, not by any size of administration.
  So the people who work thier butts off to keep this whole gig afloat can change the administrative platform however would make it easiest on them... I'm not going to complain. I'm just going to have a great time. :)
  Just a point of view...
  Rose the Obnoxious

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