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Iago is correct, in the early years, there were but three regions, North, Central and Southern, where Stargate resided.  
  In my 20 years of play, I've seen several of the physical territories of Ansteorra in consideration, thought and discussion about creating permanent principalities from the Southeastern Texas corner (including Stargate, Loch Soillier, Bordermarch, Raven's Fort and the shires and cantons near those Baronies.  Note - Raven's Fort was originally in the Southern Region, when there were but 3 regions), to what are the Western branches, to what is now the Southern Region (with Bjornsborg and Bryn Gwlad), as well as the Northern Region - all at one time or another talking Principality.   
  It has always been my stance, that new branches will not be successful in breaking off from their parent group, unless the reason for that new branch is a 'positive' one, specifically growth or unique identity in the new area.  
  As for a name for a Stargate area if it was to ever become a principality (I am not advocating this), I was always in favor of 'Loch Raven's Gate', as it has been used for years by those in the area to refer to the three Baronies of Loch Soillier, Raven's Fort and Stargate as we used to regularly host regional events together. 
  Cheers, Hillary
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At the time, there was no coastal region.

On Mar 22, 2008, at 7:08 PM, Pat Mullins wrote:

> troop0341 at aol.com wrote:  the last time I heard it was almost 20  
> years ago and it was the Southern Region looking into the possible  
> splitting of the Kingdom.? Perhaps before this gets too far down  
> that road, someone should ask the folks of Stargate why it didn't  
> happen back then??
> Respects to All,??? Iain MacKay
> ????????????????????????? "Faith, Honor and Kingdom"
> _We were working on a name and heraldry in the Southern Region less  
> than 10 years ago. I've often wondered what became of that. Better  
> to ask someone from Bryn Gwlad or Raven's Fort, though, as Stargate  
> is in the Coastal Region.
> Paedric

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