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Local competitions are put on by the local groups. Right now the Bardic community is interested in sponsoring contest so they volunteer to run them and provide the prizes. They go to the autocrats and to their business meetings. A little while ago they weren't interested so we didn't have bardic activities. 
Running a Static art competition is a little harder than Bardic. I know because I have done both. It takes a lot of time and sometimes it is hard to get proper judges. You have to have people who span a lot of art forms. It also takes tables and people who are willing to watch the stuff for hours. A bardic competition can be run by one person but a static art competition usually takes at least four. A bardic art thing can simple be "called' to happen at a certain time and the people taking part all gather. A static art means watching stuff for hours and usually needs a covered protected area. A bardic art competition can just mean declaring a winner. Most Static artists really like feedback and judging forms. 
Because of the level of complexity of a static art competition it is possible that the local groups can't find people willing to run them at ever little event.  Also a lot of static artist prefer indoor events and so often groups reserve static arts to separate events like Artisan activities. 
Of course that doesn't mean we could not have less complex static art competitions. I have found that if you want a certain kind of competition you can often offer a prize and talk to the autocrat and agree to run it and they have no problems allowing it. Just be prepared for them to tell you that the group isn't sponsoring it. This means they won't be provide tents or table or people for it.  A nice autocrat will let you advertise on the Web site but there is usually not enough room on the Black Star add and will let you use the Heralds and court time to announce. A not nice autocrat will be a pill and not let you use the areas heralds or post notices or use the web site but  you can hire heralds to announce you activity yourself.or go around and tell people your self. .You can announce privately on the e-list and put up a notice at your camp site. 
Do remember that often groups just don't' have the people to run activities. They aren't against having them. If they think you are asking them to do it they will often say no but if they understand you are are offering to run it they will often allow it . Be prepared for an seemingly negative response at the beginning but if you are clear that you are doing it not them they often change with their second look at the idea. 
I mentioned this because there has been a change in communications since I was young. Because of the Internet people today expect a fast yes or no. and often interpret a long response time as a "no". People based volunteer -organizations often take a little longer to get back to individuals and take a Little longer to figure out if something is possible. A delay in answering doesn't me an automatic "no" it can just mean that the people in charge are working around their regular life. 
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