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Thirty years ago a young Squire went to the Atenveldt Crown Tourney in Steppes. Many of his friends from the North came down to see him They believed that he would get his Knighthood that day. They planned to do everything they could to help him.
House Silverthorn under Lady Melsandes with the help of Lord Finn Kelly and Lord Aleric and Lord Frea and Lord Ivar arranged for dancing during the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Belted Circle and through out the day showed this young squire off.
In those days you did qualifying matches on Saturday and the Crown Tourney was fought Saturday.  The Young Squire had been named Vicar of the Steppes and he didn’t think he would fight in Crown given his new duties.
A very young Lord Ivar the Vulgar (now known as Master Ivar Battle Skalds) came to the young Squire and started getting him ready. The Young Squire realized that all his friends had come down to see him fight so he decided to give them a show.
And he gave them a great show. In the Semi finals he took out the favorite, Sir Theo of Mightenwood.  The Crown Koris of Natterhelm called a Belted Circle on the Field and the Knights of Atenveldt made the Young Squire a knight, Sir Jonathan de Laufyson.  Six months later he went on to be King of Atenveldt. 
Now 3o years later a Crown Tourney is being held in Elfsea which was part of the Steppes back then and in honor of 3o years as a member of the Chivalry Duke Jonathan will be having a party on Saturday night to celebrate.  He hopes everyone will come and he especially hopes that young squires and students will come and show their knightly skills. 
Gifts will be given and toasts made. 

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