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While His Excellency does make some good points, I'd like to make the point that, while such "supervision" might be felt as "needed", if this idea were to be put into motion, it needs to be clear that this is wanted by the groups involved.

Creating a county or duchy with the same idea of it being if fief (so to speak) would easily engender a resentment by some groups.  And that is certainly not good for the group or the kingdom.

If this is a path that our nobles want to tread, I would suggest that it be walked lightly and very carefully.

Ansgar von Aachen

---- James Crouchet <james at crouchet.com> wrote: 
> I think you may have misunderstood my suggestion. I am speaking of a larger
> area than a barony. Something that encompasses at least a few shires. Since
> there is no rigid, set in stone SCA corporate sanctioned model for such a
> thing, our crown would be free to set it up on an as needed basis, only
> where it is needed and for however long it is needed. They could exclude or
> include baronies as they felt was best. That -- and any other details --
> could vary on a case by case basis. That is the advantage of this sort of
> locally designed set up; we do not have to find one model that works for all
> cases and keep a rigid structure. Structures can be tailored to the area.
> I'll also point out there is no need for any of this to disrupt the regional
> administrative structure. A County could even cross regional lines with no
> effect on the administration.
> I think this would give us some fun opportunities for persona play, as well
> as giving a bit more attention from the royal family to areas that do not
> currently have much of that attention. This should be a two way street. The
> royal and his/her entourage would bring in ideas and customs from the rest
> of the kingdom, as well as bringing the local people more recognition of
> their efforts and work. At the same time they could bring any interesting
> local ideas to the attention of the rest of the kingdom. I would hope they
> would also encourage those from other areas to visit their County/Duchy, and
> recruit those from their County/Duchy to attend outside events and serve in
> the King's wars.
> A large part of what they could provide for their people would be a stronger
> connection with the rest of the kingdom. The crown could specify what areas
> he wants the noble to emphasize, whether it is getting the area ready for
> war, bringing in more archers, artists, ws or knights to teach their craft,
> or increasing recruiting in that area.
> I see nothing in this that requires boo from the BoD. Anyone can put in an
> award recommendation and that includes Countesses and Dukes. The crown can
> certainly have a noble give various awards in Their name. With email the
> process should be fairly painless. There would have to be a little
> preplanning in order for the noble to get any physical scrolls and award
> regalia he/she would need.
> I suspect there are plenty of shires out there who would love to have a
> little more personal attention from a count/ess or duke/duchess and whoever
> else that noble brings with them. Even a Don is welcomed like royalty in
> some some shires, where they are glad just to have a little attention and
> instruction.
> Christian Doré

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