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Wed Mar 26 22:18:46 PDT 2008

About what we call our selves up here.

Lets start with this...

what kind of thoughts come to your mind when you hear...

United States Marine Corps


Green Barret.

How about...

"the Duke"  or just "John Wayne"?

Farrie automotive?

Formula One racing?


Okay... one more

Engine Truck Company Two.

Blank slate on that last one, right? Well, thats my old unit when I
was a Volunteer Firefighter. I could go on and on about how much
respect you could get in my county by just saying "Im with Enging 2"
or "Yeah, I run with Company 2". Frankly, between the ten companies
Stafford country, We were widely considered the best in the business.
Top notch, well trained and cool under fire.

The Marines have had their name since before the US constitution was
Radified, but their reputation across the globe is a constantly
changing and evolving thing.

Naming a unit after the type of hat they don sound pretty stupid at
first... But try telling that to the the men of the US army Special

I don't think John Wayne ever played a medieval part in his life, but
"the Duke" is now synonymous with the 'never back down' type tough guy
that the US idolizes.

Despite the fast that likely none of us own a Farrie, they are
household terms, and are used a verbal benchmarks of power and high
end performance.

NASCAR is just an acronym that an organization used for a name. But
again, it too is pratically a household term, even for people who
don't like car races.

Names are nothing. They don't come with any reputation, or
implication. They are nothing but a bunch of letters crammed together
in rough compliance with the rules of the English language.

Their is no "perfect" name for the north. No mater what, some people
wont like it, some people will, and everyone else will likely fall
into the spectrum in between.

Whatever we do for a name, we need to remember that we give it meaning
with how we act, how we play, and how we live.

WE give meaning to whatever we call ourselves, NOT the other way around.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Province of Mooneschadowe
Kingdom of Ansteorra
"God Save the King!"

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