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Thu Mar 27 11:58:45 PDT 2008

My Dearest Excellency Kat, 

That is just about the kindest act of solidarity I've heard since this whole upheaval
started several months ago. I can't speak for others in the former West, and I would hate
to cause any undue identity shift to all the wonderful gentles in the North, but just
that you would *suggest* a name change on our behalf *does* make me feel loved and
wanted. Thank you.

You know, several years ago, the post office assigned a new zip code to my parents' house
- I house I grew up in/lived in for 23 years, and it still makes me wince to write the
new zip. I know everything will settle with time. This is new...um...territory (ahem) for
a lot of people, and so many of you have opened your arms to welcome us in, and I wanted
to say how grateful I, personally, am for it.

As a side note to all you bards and writers out there, and I'm not saying something
should even come of this, but loads of great words end in '-est'. ;o)

Lady Bonwicke

--- Lori Campbell <countesskat at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I'm still waiting for someone to very generously suggest renaming the
> Northern region, perhaps to something kindly inclusive of the addition
> of new territories to the west... 
> You know...
> Something that might help them regain a sense of their own identity. 
> Something to help them know that they aren't just being assimilated,
> but that they are loved and wanted and can maintain some semblance of
> who they feel they are. 
> Odd that nobody else has suggested it. Maybe everyone has already
> thought of it and doesn't like the idea. <shrug> I'm a little out of
> the loop, so forgive me for mentioning it if there is something I don't
> know.
> I just think the Northwestern Region sounds pretty good...and still
> administratively sound.
> ~ Kat M.
> Wiesenfeuer, Ansteorra 
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Considering its primary use in a vehicle, I think they should rename it "the most junk not including gloves I can cram into the smallest possible area and still close the flippin' door" compartment.

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