[Ansteorra] Youth Archery at Springaire 2008

Daralynn Brittain elspeth013 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 27 17:39:45 PDT 2008

At Elfsea Springfaire there will be a youth archery tournament.  
The usual requirements apply:
We would like to see anyone who is interested in shooting archery come out and learn how
All youths under 18 can compete, they must have parental units there...at the field...enjoying the competition.....the entire time their children are shooting
All entrants must abide by the rules of the tournament and the Archery Marshall in Charge
And all adult competitors, we would like to see you there to provide instruction, mentoring and support to our young entrants
We may have some loaner equipment, there will be future posts on this as well as information on the actual shoot.
All youth archers, get your bows ready for the tournament at Springfaire 2008!!
I will be providing the prize baskets for this tournament....anyone that wants to contribute to the baskets, please contact me privately, offlist.  Thank you!!
We hope to see you all there,
In Service,
Lady Elspeth de Stervlen
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