[Ansteorra] Amphorae

Anthony N. Emmel lord_kjeran at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 29 10:38:34 PDT 2008

Alden wrote:

> Ohh...the Disney version!
> Alden
> (who saw it in the theater, and along with about 5 other people, said out
> loud: "Porthos the PIRATE???" ...they shoulda named it "Three Guys With
> Swords")

To be technically accurate, that's the *first* Disney version.  In 2004, 
they produced a direct-to-video version starring (of course) Mickey, 
Donald, and Goofy.

And let's not forget the animated one from Digiview in Australia in which 
Milady is a flame-breathing witch with Cruella deVil hair.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

(Yes, I own both animated versions listed above, but don't blame me.  They 
were "gifts" from my cadets.) 

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