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Panther Primitives sells Great Kegs
look at their web site

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On Mar 28, 2008, at 5:22 PM, Chris Dunham wrote:
> Kegs are, at least, easily hidden within a decent sized barrel.  
> Which is,
> after all, the type of container it should be in after all.  :)

Yep. Just wish I could find a source of cheap, small water-tight  
wooden barrels. I may have to settle for creating a look-alike barrel  
based around a modern, round plastic water barrel. I bought a book on  
coopering hoping I could make a true barrel, but coopering is a LOT  
more complicated than it at first might seem, with the staves needing  
to be split radially from a log rather than saw cut and having to be  
carved to curve in three different directions *and* to fit together  
without gaps. Anybody ever tried coopering?

coopering-msg    (50K)  7/13/06    Making and maintaining barrels  
and kegs.

It sure would be nice to not see any plastic tubs and barrels in  
camp, though.

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