[Ansteorra] "Period Containers"

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Fri Mar 28 16:59:52 PDT 2008

Stefan li Rous wrote:
> PS: What is a "jocky box"? Does that mean a box big enough to put a  
> jockey into? :-)
Uhh I dunno why they are sometimes called a jocky box.  There back have 
been a company named "jocky" that made them popular.  Lust like the way 
stainless soda kegs are called "corny" kegs because they were made 
popular by the Cornelius company.  

Often called a chill box.  My first experience with them was for serving 
sodas.  Most restaurant use a post-mix system for their sodas where they 
have a bag-in-box full of syrup that gets mixed with purified water 
coming off their local water supply and carbonated as it comes through 
dispenser.  But if you are a remote side, say trailer concession stand 
where you have just enough water for cleanup and hand washing, then you 
have to use a pre-mix system where you have ready to go soda in pressure 
kegs.  But you dont have a huge refridgerator in that concession stand 
to keeps those kegs cold, and if warm soda hits the ice it, will melt 
the ice and get watery too fast.  So the answer is to chill the soda in 
the lines after it has left the keg but before it comes out the tap.  To 
do that you have coils (or coils in a chiller plate) submerged in ice 
that the warm beverage flows through on it's way to the tap.

Something like this   http://i15.ebayimg.com/05/i/000/d5/f6/9383_1.JPG   
Can be hidden inside an ice chest, water cooler, or even in a wooden 
barrel.  The stainless kegd are hidden discretely under the table with 
only the lines running to your chill box.

I have seen one in a 5 gallon water cooler.  Beer came out the tap  and 
down lower out of the normal cooler spigot you just dispensed ice water, 
tea, lemonade, or whatever icy cold liquid you had in the cooler being 
used to chill the coils.


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