[Ansteorra] Knight School followup

Sir Giotto di Giovanni sirgiotto at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 17:28:25 PST 2008

Excuse the cross posts.

Two more Knight Schools have come and gone.  Thanks to all who taught
and those that learned.  I count myself in both groups.

The Tuesday KS in Bryn Gwlad had a great turn out with eight or more
knights teaching a dozen or more students.  (My memory gets a little
fuzzy on numbers.)  What a joy it is to see returning students
improve!  Adding to the joy were visiting instructors Aaron, Alexis
and Britta.  We gained much from their input and inspiration from
their efforts to attend.  In the middle of class the clouds opened up
and we saw the resolve of the teachers and students to keep class
going even in the pouring rain.  It soon passed and we continued
business as usual.

The Sunday of Bryn Gwlad's Tourney of the Crimson Sands we gave a
general call for those who would learn to stick around a while in the
morning and get a little learning KS style.  Class started small with
four instructors and four students.  I was a bit disappointed at first
but this lead to one of the best parts of the day.  HRH Gunther was
not armored that day but was watching intently to see what we were up
to and to help where he could.  That, combined with our small numbers,
lead me to make an addition to our regular format.

After the students had made the full round of the knights, I called on
all the chiv present to give a five minute talk on the fighting topic
of their choice.  We began with HRH and by then a few more students
had arrived and so had the injured Sir Henri.  Each of the lectures
was a succinct, highly informative, educational and inspirational.
The "students" seem to enjoy it immensely and I was overjoyed with the
wealth of information that I gleaned from my knowledgeble brothers.
It also gave Gunther and Henri, who were not even armored, to
contribute directly to the education of not only the nonbelts but the
chivalry that was gathered there.  Sometimes the best things arrive in
small packages.

Thank you again to all that participated and supported these classes.

Yours in service,

Giotto (you come to mine and I'll come to yours) di Giovanni

We are knights. We are professional killers constrained by a code of
conduct that turns murder into both art and service. -- Duke Cuán
MacDaige (Atlantia)

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