[Ansteorra] [wolfstar] Children are not frightening. Even Ansteorran children are not frightening.

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On 11/7/08, Stephanie Drake  wrote:
> Here is another requests for teachers at wInterkingdom.
> Mercedes
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> Children are not frightening. Even Ansteorran children are not frightening.
> Hello All,
> I am asking the populace of Ansteorra to give the children of our land 1 hour of your time. 1 hour to give some seed of knowledge to the future of our great Society.
> "How can I do this?" you may ask yourself.  Well, what do you do in the SCA? (aside from THAT). Drop me an email and we can go over how it can be molded into a class for children at Northkeep's wInterkingdom event. And don't worry about being left alone in a room full of screaming children either-- I promise there will be others present to do the wrangling.
> If you would like to help but don't know what you can teach, go ahead and let me know. I have several "canned" classes that can be taught with very little prep-time.
> Oh! One more incentive-- If you teach a Children's class, you get your site fee paid!
> Thank you all for your time and assistance.
> Ldy Zahava batHannah
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Pooky Story Time:

Children aren't scary huh? Maybe not Ansteorran children or the cubs
of Wolfstar... but their be one amongst The Great Dark Horde.

The child's name has been wafted away by the windmilled dragons of my
Pook Quixote's mind...

A five or six year old girl child she was, but 2 Pennsic's ago. Her
years upon this earth failed to encapsulate the ancient soul there in
embodied.  All who see this entity realize and know that the light
which beams from her eyes does both part and combines heaven and earth.
In what simple terms I can produce with my rudimentary understanding
of multidimensional and quasi-ethereal existences; I would say she is
one of the newly evolved peoples of the human race. The fully actuated
magical thinking, the wisdom of the goddess, the art within her
thought patterns yes the fractal flow of design propagated by the
Divine is what would work her whiles within and as a future Mystic of
The Great Dark Horde.

Scary children you comment? I now must ask you to be in a space and
time of my description:
A sunny afternoon at Pennsic.
You stand at the edge of the list field.
You watch and listen to a marshal.
He has gathered many children and youths to learn more about the fighting arts.
The children are attentive and well behaved.

The Marshall asks a question of the children, to whit our young maiden
responds, with no time elapsed.

Marshal,   "So... can any of you tell me what it means when the
marshal yells 'HOLD!' ? "
Maiden,   "It's time to kill the hostages."

Oh my Family and Friends,
I ask you to heed the warning I now give you this day!
I have but little advice and fewer grains of wisdom to share.
And as your well being, life and spirit might one day hinge and rest
upon whether you choose to be fully attentive to this for which I
shall now impart to you, I shall now take a moment to seek my clarity
and as I do I shall hope that a simplicity of eloquence can be found
from within ... ... ... ...


As I share this knowledge I relive every moment My spirit was in Their presence.
Their is a barrier within my being. A palpable wall that prevails,
precludes and prevents me from describing any one of my experiences.
[<...I laugh maniacally...>]
I shall tell you the very first thing I did, the very first moment I
met Rowena  ~ Kahn of The Great Dark Horde, for it shall also be the
very last thing that happens to me...
At the onset, the very first moment when in this life my path
recrossed and once again I was to know the most highly reveered
RowKahn mighty leader of a mighty people! Upon greeting Her again for
the very first time as Baron Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair and Baron Ian
dun Gillan stood as witness to see, (na'er two finer men this Society
e'er be blessed to know) I did present unto The Mighty Kahn of The
Great Dark Horde my headstone and did ask/charge her to place it upon
my grave when I The~Pooky do lay down and die.

That was moment one... and shall be the last moment as well.
[I look to the sky and laugh] Do you even know who I am?
I am affectionately known as The~Pooky.
I am myself a magical, mythical, mystical entity. Behind Their walls
within the Fortress of The Great Dark Horde I have been honored,
lived, survived and walked amongst in body as in spirit The Brothers
of The Great Dark Horde.

As I share this knowledge I relive every moment My spirit knew while
in Their presence.
Their is a barrier within my being. A palpable wall that prevails,
precludes and prevents me from describing any one of my experiences
while in Their domain. A simple term for this visceral sensation is
the label 'Respect".

As I look to the knowledge and wisdom encapsulated in the six simple
words spake by one of Their offspring,  my mind relives every moment
my spirit shared and the synchronism afforded me by fate and fortune.
I earnestly cherish the path and Their fellowship. To speak any more
of The Wisdom that is The Great Dark Horde would cast my very soul
across the thin gossamer line separating the lobes, being Respect |

Choose either, as your perceptions would, for I shall educate you to this:

It matters not, to them.

But if you are capable of glimmering what I came away with when I
heard the words from THEIR CHILD. The Child that at this very moment
prevents me from remembering and sharing with you Her name ... ...

What rang through every fiber of my being was a simple truth,


This I now avow and decree,
Your Beloved Pukhta "Pooky" Lovvek

Post Scriptum: Welcome Oh Blessed Brother Rowena unto the Kingdom of
Ansteorra! May the Lion that Reigns protect you upon the paths you
choose to fulfill your DREAM.

Bitter is made sweet through love; copper becomes gold through love.
Through love dregs become clear; love heals all pain.
Through love the king becomes slave; love brings the dead to life.

-Rumi, "Mathnawi"

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