[Ansteorra] checking Tartans.

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Fri Nov 14 05:46:08 PST 2008

Interesting article on the 'plaid' from a Scottish group:

> http://www.lothene.org/others/plaid.html


willowdewisp at juno.com wrote:
> Do you need real tartans? Most Tartans at Wall mart are not a particular clan's. One of the ways you can tell if the tartan is real is even. You can turn a real tartan upside down and the pattern will be the same. 
> We have little evidence that certain groups used particular tartans before the 17Th century. It was after the English regulations were dropped that people went up to their Grandmothers jewelry boxes and got the little scraps of tartan and declared that  this one was Mackenzie or this one was Stuart. Before that weavers had certain pattern in certain areas and it just happened that families lived in that area. In period Scotsmen told the different clans by what was stuck in your bonnet.
> In the Jacobean period there were some general tartans and they are often the patterns you find at stores. The only other general thing I know is the white based tartan is thought to be a "woman's" plaid and no self respecting Scottish man would wear one.
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