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Annwn Shona lady.annwn at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 21:21:52 PST 2008

Unto my fellow Ansteorrans;

I wanted to write this as a statement of love and awe of things I have never
seen before. I have never been to a Queens, and at the behest of several
Roses, decided it was something I should see first-hand. So I was off on a
new adventure. I felt a little like a tourist to a point, excited about what
I might find, but hesitant at the thought of a 'different' culture.
Coming from the part of the SCA where the dream that involves the clashing
of shields, the thuds of rattan on armour, and the yell of excited warriors
that are fantastical in their feats; I haven't always understood the light
fighting community. It is what I thought of as "dainty", and "sweet". I
know, these terms sound condescending, but I don't mean them, and never
have; as such.
After this weekend, I still hold those terms, however, they have different
meanings to me...and perhaps someone more eloquent with words than I can
help me assign more appropriate words after the following...

Dainty being referred to as precise and small movements, polite and civil
"fighting". Sweet bring the active wooing and eloquence the light fighters
generally embrace. Not to mention the fact that; let's face it, the Rapier
community takes a GREAT deal of care in their appearance! Lest they look
rough and disheveled and not represent their Kingdom, their local group, or
their Queen in the best manner possible! So appropriate it is!

After watching HRM (not as part of her entourage, but as a friend) get more
excited the closer the weekend came, was intriguing. I was told about the
different culture at a Queens, and to be honest, I was dubious. Because
after all, how much different can one SCA event be from another in reality?
(yes, I know they are all different, but I don't know how else to explain
what I feel or mean) The truth? Worlds different.

In what I would term a "normal" event, while, yes, the Queen is still royal,
loved and taken care of; at no other event have I ever seen the kind of love
for our Queen as I saw this weekend.
The fighting was VERY clean and the people fighting were VERY
chivalrous/honorable. It was wonderful. I saw no man or woman upset over the
outcome of their fight due to perceived unfairness on the part of an

Our Queen Elizabeth was positively glowing, and I am not referring to the
rosiness of the wind burn that graced most all of our faces that day! The
days fighters were happy to speak with Her Majesty; to just receive a favour
from their Queen Elizabeth. The Dons and Cadets donning their Queen's
favours on their scarves. There was a loving and jovial wooing between the
fighters and the Queen. Who would be able to kneel before her most often
through the day, who could make her blush, perhaps make her cry with
appreciation and be deeply moved by lacy words of endearment.
A group of individuals presented Her with a replica of a bowl given to the
original Queen Elizabeth, and I do have to say; this piece of love and
endearment from the community DID move her to tears. And to be honest, it
was quite moving to watch.

General flowers, roses, and tokens of love were given to Her Majesty
throughout the day. His Majesty was along for the ride, and to be honest, I
got the feeling that he was pleased to see the people of Ansteorra cherish
his lady as much as he does. Just the looks he gives her when he thinks no
one is looking tells it all. He loves the fact that she is openly welcomed
and loved by the SCA and our beloved Ansteorra, let alone such a devoted
community as is the Rapier community.

Dear brethren; I bring unto you this message of awe and appreciation for the
Light community, and for those that strive to make the Queens of Ansteorra
welcome and loved. It was a beautiful thing...54 list entrants, even despite
the economy, the bitterly cold wind, and even colder night. To me (and I'm
sure there have been bigger, but I'm still rather impressed) this was a loud
voice of Ansteorran love and chivalry/honour saying that we are not going to
give up our dream despite our hardships. Because even a single rose costs
that Ansteorran a little extra. But that single rose says so much about
their love of the game, the dream, and their Queen. The Queen of Ansteorra.
Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth Seale.

Unto my fellow Ansteorrans do I bring these words of love, pride and awe. Of
exhilaration through the general electricity in the air, and of the
revealing of a new and foreign world to me.

And unto Don Robert, the new Queens Champion; Vivat!

-Lady Annwn

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