[Ansteorra] [SkorragardrVirtualSkald] Axe V WHAT AN EVENT

Sæmundr inn skærr saemundrthepure at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 06:57:18 PST 2008

The Norse gods befelled us with EXCELLENT weather for the celebration of
Axeman V.. and my DEAR Lord Pooky arrived to allow some warmth.

Contrary to rumor, the pavilions went up as planned.  With much delegation
the first went up without a hitch and the second pavilion was only a ruse to
bring camaraderie unto our event.

Congratulations to our cantons champions:
Axeman - HL Aldric de Kerr
Rapier Champion - Lord Orlando Giovanni de Gilead
Arts and Sciences - Her Excellency Annabelle Fitzsimmons
Skald - Adalia VonderBerg
KAS - Lee Gibson
Archery - Cian of Northkeep(Sorry I do not have your last name)
Childrens Archery- Maeginbjorn Bogsveigir
Gamesman - Kazee (I believe and I am not certain of the _lastname)

There were so many helpful people that I wont list them here for fear of
forgetting just one.  Just note that the event could not have taken place
without all your help and without those that braved the cold to come have
fun with us.  Thank you.

Just a reminder that Chemin Noir's "Fair of the Harvest" takes place at the
same campground next weekend (Nov 21 - 23) and I hope to see everyone
there.  From what I heard this weekend, it will be a fun event.

Sæmundr inn skærr
Ex Event Steward

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