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congratulations to all.  In addition, congratulation to Duke Miguel, the newest holder of the Queen's Blade of Honor.


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I believe everyone who attended greatly enjoyed the Queen’s Champion Tournament.  The wind was cold, but the cheer was high. 
Congratulations to Don Robert McPharlan, the Queen’s Champion
Congratulations to Tiffany, Guardian of the Queen’s Hope

The Shire of Tir Medoin should be praised highly for a great event.  The site is full of trees and it is easy to forget the mundane world while there.  For those who missed the feast, it was a great one.  All the soups were excellent, the brisket tender, the bread tasty, and the deserts delicious. 

As the coordinator for the Fighters’ tokens, I wanted to give word fame to the many good gentles who contributed their skills and time to creating the Elizabethan style miniature ribbons. Without the work of those below, the tokens would not have been possible. 

Original Portrait Painted by Countess Sara Penrose

Woven Ribbon:
Aelfwyn Webber – Elfsea
Elsa von Schammach – Mooneschadowe
Hanna von Dahl – Elfsea
Ker Megan of Taransay, aka “Pyro” – Elfsea
Megan Flower del Wal – Elfsea / Steppes / Glaslyn

Finishing Details:
Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza - Elfsea
Alys Durivau - Elfsea
Annwn – Steppes
Hanna von Dahl – Elfsea
Matilda Merryweather - Steppes
Sylvius the Fop - Elfsea

In Service to the Crown and the Arts,
HL Hanna von Dahl

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