[Ansteorra] A special Thanks at Coronation's end

chuck.graves at faa.gov chuck.graves at faa.gov
Tue Nov 18 14:47:15 PST 2008


I would like to express the especial thanks for myself and for my family 
to Alianorra.

Toward the end of feast, my daughter had a close encounter with a rock. 
This gracious lady took great efforts to expedite the care of my 
daughter...from the site through normally convoluted processing at someone 
else's local hospital (we live in another state) to my daughter's release. 
All in all, she shortened an eternity to a little over two hours...that's 
has to be some kind of Emergency Room visit record!

Marcia is doing fine and sends her regards.

Also, my sincere regards to the young lad on the other side of the rock. I 
have rarely seen such compassion and empathy in one so young. He showed 
true kindness and gentility in the moments after, and was surely more 
injured by the event than my daughter. I was truly touched by his concern, 
and I hope he is doing well. He was both courteous and chivalrous in the 
most profound ways...but our children are often the greatest teachers 
because their lessons are acts, which know little but sincerity. Someone 
should speak his name...I did not learn it well enough.

...brick by brick

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