[Ansteorra] Nomis- Spy for Bordermarch

nomistk at bordermarch.org nomistk at bordermarch.org
Tue Nov 18 21:35:11 PST 2008

Your excellency Santiago,

The die is cast, the Rubicon is crossed, our fates lie with the fortunes of WAR!  The enemy has crossed our border and is fast approaching our castle.  The good news is that their 
mounts (the goats) were so laden with fleas that they were forced to leave them on the eastern shore.  By my best reckoning I put their army three cycles of the sun from our castle.

The GA army seems to be bent on recovering the poor animal we were so fotunate to have saved from a horrible fate.  Please ask the one eyed waif to bath and groom the Ram in the 
hopes that GA will not recognize the animal in a clean state.  My mission is nearing it's end, and I can only hope for the future.

Please pray heed my words of direction:

The Padfoot's knife is silent in the shadow of the magnolia tree.
I look for regenerative powers from my odyssey
while seeking refreshment in Valhalla
If you still seek me look to the Haus
when the night falls I will be seeking my prey
by the sounds of the drums

until we meet again,
Long live Ansteorra! 
Long live the King!
Long live the Queen!
Long live Bordermarch!

 Friend Nomis,


Pray heed this warning!


While hart travels east, slip your shadow to the north. Beware the
hollow's sound that but rings in one ear.  Our assassin waits neth the
gamblers roost, and wards thy path against those who intrude!


HE Santiago

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