[Ansteorra] Looking for a Laurel

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Oh, tell me about it! I buy the Color Catchers in bulk - I love them!

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> Also dark colors can be "set" by adding vinegar to the wash.  There is 
> also a wonderful product that will 'soak up' excess dye from commerically 
> purchased fabric called Shout Color Catcher.  You just throw one or two in 
> the wash with the fabric.  Sigh... wish I had found it sooner...
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> and remember to wash the fabric before cutting and stitching 
> together--otherwise the colors will bleed all over each other, 
> particularly the red.  (One trick I've heard is to put a handful of salt 
> in the water when you wash the red the first time....that will slow down 
> but not halt the bleeding)
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