[Ansteorra] Regarding SCA names and Security Clearance

Cat Clark cat at rocks4brains.com
Fri Nov 21 19:44:06 PST 2008

> Hey, anyone here ever filled out the SF-86 security clearance form?  If so,
> did you list your SCA name as an alias?  I could use some guidance on this
> if have some.
> TIA,
> JP

I once had the same question myself.

yes, list your persona name in the SCA and in parentheses 
next to or underyour SCA name put: "(use name in the Society 
for Creative Anachronism, a living history organization)" 
The folks who do background checks know all about the 
various living history groups like us.  Your SCA name
functions as a true alias for a large number of people who 
know you.  As such, the security types need to know about it 
- and they will be cool about it, so long as you remember to 
disclose it.  It's not the kiss of death not to disclose it
but it's somewhat uncool.  The name of the game to have 
nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of.  Remembering 
to disclose your use name in your living history group is 
part and parcel of the evidence they gather to evaluate if 
you have anything you might want to potentially cover up. 
The gig here is that the people who clear you have to be 
sure that there is nothing that someone could use against 
you to leverage you into compromising gov't security. 
Disclosing any alias/nickname/use name that's not your real 
name is part and parcel of you helping them realize you have 
been upfront and open about all your dealing with them.

Hope this helps

almost 30 years of DOD & DOE security forms and security 

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