[Ansteorra] Question for anyone who's got Security Clearance

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Fri Nov 21 05:55:44 PST 2008

Although everyone in the SCA knows you by that name, you submitted your real name on your SCA membership application and you are required to list your real name on any official documents (i.e. reports, etc. within the SCA). Although I am not an expert on the subject, I believe that your SCA name would not qualify as an alias as you haven't used it to do anything official in the modern world.
Just my thoughts on it. I did have a security clearance in the military and all I had to put down as an alias was a shortened name(Jim instead of James) which I was called by on a daily basis in my different work places.
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Hey, anyone here ever filled out the SF-86 security clearance form?  If so,
did you list your SCA name as an alias?  I could use some guidance on this
if have some.


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