[Ansteorra] Question for anyone who's got Security Clearance

Charles Netterville ck_netterville at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 21 17:41:14 PST 2008

This is a game and the government sees it as such. Officers conducting my background checks didn't want to know what I did for fun so long as it wasn't illegal or questionable. I even showed them my membership card just to make sure. The federal government is aware of the SCA primarily because quite a few of their officers on several levels play. When I was told that, it made me feel a lot better. I have been told the stories of the society being watched by the goverment as a paramilitary installation of suspect means and questionable origin but these stories do not seem to be acurate. The only advice I was given was that if I used my society name outside of populace, events, and other close SCA related activities, that I may want to list it.
Hope this puts your mind at ease, Elrique

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Hey, anyone here ever filled out the SF-86 security clearance form?  If so,
did you list your SCA name as an alias?  I could use some guidance on this
if have some.


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