[Ansteorra] Brad Leah's Fighter's Challenge: Steak, Baked Potatoes, and Fighting!

Deanna della Penna estencele at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 17:30:48 PDT 2008

Do you like steak?
Do you like baked potatoes?
Do you like to fight?

If you answered "Hoo-yah!" to any of the above questions, Brad Leah's
Fighter's Challenge (Oct. 31st-Nov. 2nd) (at Camp Graham Ball, west of
Archer City, TX) is the event for you!

We have plenty of fighting for our fighters: speed tournaments, a dice
tournament, and a random-draw melee tournament, in addition to numerous
tests of strength and skill throughout the day. And to top off the day, we
have an all-you-can-eat steak-and-baked-potato buffet, in keeping with Brad
Leah's traditions of keeping their guests very well-fed!

But just because the food is unlimited doesn't mean the number of people we
can feed is unlimited! Be sure to pre-pay via ACCEPS ($6/person) while you
have the chance! And you also have the opportunity to reserve a bed in one
of a limited number of onsite cabins ($2/person) via ACCEPS as well.

Visit our website at:
for more information, and we look forward to seeing you!

Take care,
-Deanna della Penna
Brad Leah (Wichita Falls, TX)

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