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SoldierGrrrl soldier.grrrl at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 07:31:22 PDT 2008

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 8:29 AM, Dcypress <Dcypress at yahoo.com> wrote:
> You'll see him too.. swat him yourself hehe
> Oh wait..he may enjoy that hehehe
> But yes, mead would be wonderful to have.. want to do a platoon welcome home party in July out at Belton Lake.  We have a few new
> possible sca'ers in his platoon.. and when they see they can drink home brews, beat people with sticks and have a general good ole
> time..... They will come....... hehehehe
> Moire

Cool.  We're going to work on getting some mead made, but I vote for
having a LOT of it on hand.  :-)

Blonde.  It's not just a hair color; it's a way of life.


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