[Ansteorra] Hunter's Moon at Emerald Keep

Philip Davis rasid.ek at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 13:01:51 PDT 2008

Good Day Lords and Ladies,
I just wanted to offer a quick reminder about an upcoming event for the
weekend of the 17th-19th of October.  Here in Emerald Keep we are going to
be holding our Hunter's Moon event.  We have a great Feast planned, as well
as a great spread for Breakfast and Lunch available.  For the Ladies, we
will have a large Ladies Pavilion set up, with music, dainties and beverages
available.  There will be an Open Tourney for the Chivalric fighters, as
well as lists for the Rapier fighters and the Archers.  We are also hosting
an Arts and Sciences competition as well as a few other competitions.
 Remember, no Event is a good one, without people to come and visit it.  SO,
with that said, we of Emerald Keep would love to see you, the Lords and
Ladies of Ansteorra, to come and have a good time at our event.  The
directions listed in the September Black Star are incorrect, but here is the
website for our event, with the correct directions.


We look forward to seeing you there.

Yours in Service,
 Douglas Puskat
(Douglas Fowler)

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