[Ansteorra] Seawinds Gustatory Defender!

Patty prand at swbell.net
Fri Oct 10 12:55:25 PDT 2008

Calling all chefs of the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteora!

Seawinds has long been known for its feasts and feastocrats, so what better way to recognize those wonderful chefs out there than with a competition to recognize the best of the best? So this year at Seawinds Defender (Oct 24th-26th) we will Initiate a new Defender : Gustatory Defender!

In this cooking competition, participants are asked to prepare a dish of pasties to be presented at lunch. Please try your best to keep it period, though documentation is not neccessary. We recomend making at least 2 dozen small to medium pasties. Just remember, the more you make, the greater the numbers who get to try yours, which means more chances for votes!

Electricity will be available on site on Saturday for purposes of reheating. Please come prepared with your own reheating vessel (roaster, hot plate, ect). Lunch if planned for 12:30 on Saturday.

The Defender will be chosen by popular vote and will be presented with the rest of the day’s defenders at court
Please contact Lady Leaina if you would like to participate.
Brandys_rn at yahoo.com

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