[Ansteorra] September and October so far Marshallate cards issued

Bianca della Vittoria bianca_celtic at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 12 00:16:06 PDT 2008

Some of these just went out for October, so if you see your name and don't have your card yet don't panic. September people are the vast majority however listed below.
Michael C. Donnelly-Fiacha
Jacquelynn Wade- Jaquelinne Marguerette de la Ryuer
Douglas Forman-Alexander
Steven Wick-Waldemar Hamarhandar
Amy Perkins-Amalia Zavattini
Julie Cunningham-Katheryn Cunningghame
John David Stubbs- Stephen Crowley
Thomas Jenkins-Logan Macleod
Jeff Childers-Garreth Silverthane
Jenice A Dean-Amerinda di Praga
Ofelia Fleming-Ofelia Le Fleming
Chad Henry-Richard de Vere
David Ray Gowan-Gunnolf
Paul Tate-Kharubadai QaraLuu
Thomas Grabber-Thorfinn Eriksson
Daniel Newby-Sasha Syn Nevsky
Aatou Betzeu-Loadric Von Kallum
Jeremiah Meeke-Jeremiah
Jeremy Sam Cupps-Sam of Northkeep
Cecil Hudson-Cian Rhys Gravenor
Margaret Elizabeth Marsh-Margaret Gryffydd
Timothy Pere O'Connell-Peter MacIntyre
Steven Copley-Tiberius Regulus Valeruis
Damien F. Gray-Damien Gray
Jason Cupps-Jason
David S. Pendery Jr.-Dietrich Johann
Matt Morton-Perrin de Beaujeu
If you are waiting for a card telling you that you are a mashal for youth boffer, youth rapier, youth plastic foil ect. I am working on the youth currently due to some issues. I will have them out soon. I will be sending an updated Youth rapier roster to the marshals soon. I have not recieved a copy of the boffer roster to date. I need to compare what the roster shows to the background checks recieved. So far only one batch of background checks has been sent to me.
I hope this information is useful. Have a scary but safe October! 
HL Bianca della Vittoria
Marshallate Secretary

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