[Ansteorra] Bordermarch Autumn Melees plug and Call for Merchants and Taverns

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With your permission, I intend to run a tavern at BAM serving grilled wurst
on a bun, beef stew, grilled chicken, a couple of soups, and some
vegetables. I'm still deciding about breakfast, but I'm leaning toward
having scrambled eggs, hash browns, and perhaps bacon or ham. I am currently
expecting to feed 300-350 people per meal. 

Do you have a schedule of which meals are most likely to be viable? I know
there is a pot luck at least one night which might make the tavern

I will be donating the profits to Elfsea and will have workers from Elfsea
and elsewhere.

Caelin on Andrede

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Greetings unto those great Merchants who make their wares available and
Taverns serving up fine foods!

  The word we hear from Gleann Abhann Kingdom list is:  If you regret not
making the FIRST Gulf Wars or the first Pennsic, then you will not want to
miss this event!  ANSTEORRAN FIGHTERS - don't let Gleann Abhann embarrass us
on our own soil.  Come defend your Kingdom. 


We are hoping that you will bless Bordermarch with your presence at Autumn
Melees, Nov.20-23. 

ACCEPS is in the works and HL Isobail should have it up in the next week. 


For those not aware yet:  Autumn Melees is exploding. Gleann Abhann has
changed their Kingdom calendar so as not to have one of their Kingdom events
on the same weekend as Autumn Melees.  With the attendance of Gleann
Abhann's Royals and their call to war;  our two great Kingdoms do ready to
battle against each other at Autumn Melees. Excitement is growing.  We are
expecting over 1,000 people, many from Gleann Abhann.  

If you haven't heard any of the bantering being played up, check out the
Autumn Melees website at HYPERLINK
"http://www.bordermarch.org/"www.Bordermarch.org check out the Melees link. 

Also see Gleann Abhann's Army support site at: HYPERLINK
"http://www.awehail.org/"www.AweHail.org to see some of their accusations,
call to arms and fun they are having with my pictures of the Ram we took
from their Kingdom.



Merchants and Tavern Owners: 

I currently have not been contacted by any Taverns! 

I have 8 merchants listed so far (see merchant list at end)


If you plan to sell at Autumn Melees please contact me at HYPERLINK
"mailto:phocas at bordermarch.org"phocas at bordermarch.org.

We are expecting Merchant row to be very full and I need to know what space
to set aside for Taverns so you can be close to the BFT (Big Fellowship


Please provide me with the following information:


1)       Merchant booth Name


2)       Proprietor's name


3)       Frontage Space needed (in feet) for pavilion/tent


4)       Sales Blurb for website and Gate Book (sell your self)


5)       Electricity?  Yes or no


6)       Approx. expected arrival time (I can get this much closer to



In Service to my Barony, Ansteorra and The Dream 


Phocas of Bordermarch

Bordermarch Autumn Melees Merchant Steward


Merchants I have list as of August 30, 2008:

Briar Patch

Barb's Garb

Dragonrose Emporium

Asad's Silk Road Caravan

That Special Touch

The Treasure Nest

Crafty Hands

And still waiting on final word from Dragon Bone


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