[Ansteorra] Emerald Keep - Hunters Moon - Update

Douglas Fowler douglas.fowleriii at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 18:58:33 PDT 2008

My Lords and Ladies,
I come before you with an update for Emerald Keep's event, Hunters Moon.
Sadly, we must cancel the event.  This is due to circumstances beyond our
control.  The site that we were going to use, was taken over by a new
enterprise, and the prices went beyond our means to handle.  This also
trickled down to covering the cabins that were going to be available for use
by the general populace.  Our price for the event site was tripled.  We were
so looking forward to hosting this event, and we just knew that it would
have been an outstanding time to be had by all.  Please do not discount us
for future events, this is by no means the norm for our events.  We will be
hosting our Yule event soon, as well as our 30th year Anniversary event.
Look for us to post the dates for those events.  We would be thrilled to
have you all visit us for them.

Yours in Service
Douglas Puskat
(Douglas Fowler)

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