[Ansteorra] New Lands of Ansteorra.....The ISS

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Thu Oct 16 20:18:30 PDT 2008


As many have heard, Don Shamino (Richard Garriott) from the Barony of 
Bryn Gwlad ascended into the skies upon a mighty flaming steed from the 
lands of the Rus and claimed new territories for the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

Don Shamino has claimed the Interstellar lands of the ISS (International 
Space Station) in the name of TRM of Ansteorra King Ulsted & Queen 

Hear the words from TRM pertaining to these new lands...

"The JSC (Johnson Space Center)is in the Barony of Loch Soilleir in our 
Wonderful Kingdom of Ansteorra and is the barony we live in.

King Ulsted & Queen Ebergardis have decreed claims upon ISS as 
Ansteorran lands and will be showing heraldic proof in days to come."

Their Royal Majesties have requested communications with Don Shamino 
concerning these new lands in the sky and will be speaking with him at 
the upcoming event Ursae-Lyons in The Barony of Bjornsburg on Sat, Oct 
18th, 2008 at about 3:50pm via magic vapors and waves.

Those of Ansteorra wishing to hear TRM's words and wish Don Shamino a 
hearty hello and a safe return to Ansteorra are encourage to attend the 

(On a more mundane note....)

Provided all the hardware needed to do this works....

Those folks that have a scanner or radio receiver that can be tuned to 
145.800Mhz and that listen on Sat, Oct 18th, 2008 at about 3:50pm may be 
able to here Don Shamino on the ISS talking to TRM.

You may also be able to hear the contact on the following frequencies in 
and around these locations:

Dallas-Fort Worth: 443.500mhz

Houston: 443.650mhz

Amarillo: 443.975mhz

Austin: 443.950 or 443.675mhz

Corpus Christi: 443.700mhz

Lubbock: 443.925mhz

Abilene: 443.500mhz

Midland-Odessa: 443.975mhz

Big Spring: 443.950mhz

Waco-Temple: 443.925mhz

Bryn-College Station: 443.625mhz

San Antonio: 443.675mhz

San Angelo: 443.700mhz

Beaumont: 443.625mhz

Athens: 443.700mhz

Any questions, let me know.

In Service,

Paul Gilbert, KE5ZW             H.E. Niklas Vasilevich
niklas at pbgilbert.net      CB,CSM,KGA,OTR,ORH,Crane,AoA
512-733-3035 Cellular             Kingdom of Ansteorra

            Society for Creative Anachronism

     Texas Dept. Of Transportation, Radio Operations
      Austin, Texas                  512-506-5141
                pgilber at dot.state.tx.us

                "The Eagle has landed"
  "Sable, a double-headed eagle, a bordure engrailed or"


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