[Ansteorra] hire for gulf war

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   There have been, what, three replies to the original post?  Already, I can't make sense enough of the simile to link it back to the original topic.

   I'm also puzzled at your initial reaction to the post: I've read many a discussion on mercs and what should be their place (or lack of one, depending on the writer's viewpoint,) for in our game.

   Still, your initial and follow-on post leave much to question; do you have a problem with Rolling Thunder hiring additional fighters? Is it a dig at that household, mercs in general, or what?


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> You are almost certainly correct! Howsomever it appears to
> me that there are too many mights, and not enough oysters in
> your soup.
> --
> Shalom,
> Charlie/Larkin
> Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

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