[Ansteorra] Wow... that was fun... Many thanks...

Haraldr Bassi ansteorra at haraldr.drakkar.org
Mon Oct 20 10:32:51 PDT 2008

Greetings to Bjornsborg and our many friends,

I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to _everyone_ who came out to Ursae Lyons II this past
weekend, whether to help with the event or even just to attend. Without you all, we would have
had nothing.

I especially would like to thank those who gave much of themselves to setup and take down the
event and those who made the days events run smoothly. It was reported that this was the fastest
we have ever had the event setup on a Friday. That is due directly to the quantity of people we
had come out and help with that effort. It is very true that many hands make light work of even
the heaviest of tasks, Friday definitely proved that to be true.

I know that without my department heads we would not have been able to host this event, so
special thanks goes out to all of the department heads for organizing their sections so well.
Baroness Radegund, site layout/nobles pavilion; Lady Bertha, head cook; Lady Katerine, Gate;
Baroness Suzanne, Ursae Field; Mistress Seraphina, Lyon Field; Lady Elspeth, populace tent
host/prize & largesse wrangler; Lady Gonza, server coordination; HL Alexandria, A&S Triathalon;
HL Deborah, gaming; Madelena, site booklet/merchants; Baron Godwyn, setup coordinator; Lord
David, marshal; Master Ivarr, transport/teardown; Lord Robert, transport & herald, William,
packup; Lord Briathel, champions medallions.

I would take this moment to thank their Stellar Majesties, Ulsted and Ebergardis and our own
Ursine excellencies, Godwyn and Radegund, without whom the day would not have been about
pageantry and nobility.

I saw many many people during the setup and take down. Many of whom are new to the SCA or our
Barony. I would like to extend very special thanks to all those who took time from their first
event to jump in with both feet and help where it was needed in whatever capacity they were
able. I hope you all had some time to also enjoy yourselves at your first event, but thank you
for giving some of your first day to help us run the event. It is appreciated beyond belief.

I would encourage my department heads to spread the wordfame of those whose deeds helped their
departments run so smoothly. I wasn't able to be everywhere and would certainly miss people if I
tried to list everyone on your staffs.

My most heartfelt thanks to all of you for all you did and will do again for our fair Barony,
Haraldr Bassi, Ursae Lyons II Event Steward

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