[Ansteorra] OT: halloween candy stuff

Annwn Shona lady.annwn at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 08:01:31 PDT 2008

Ok, so I know it says that the Canadian gov't has confirmed, and that it is
entirely possible we don't even have this brand in the US, but figured it
was a good idea to put it out there anyway. I don't have children, but oh,
so many of our members do. So here you go, please keep an eye out, just on
the off chance you do get some of these...

-Lady Annwn


With Halloween fast approaching comes a warning to parents and kids
regarding Sherwood brand Pirate's Gold milk chocolate coins imported
from China .

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning the public not to eat,
distribute or sell the candy.

It is sold across Canada by Costco and may also have been sold in bulk
packages or as individual pieces at various dollar and bulk stores.

The chocolate contains melamine which is the same chemical responsible
for killing several babies in China , and sickening thousands more.

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