[Ansteorra] Princess's Salon

Chelsea Durham baby_sis_83 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 26 17:02:33 PDT 2008

I'd like to thank everyone that helped me set up the Salon for Her Highness Princess Elizabeth. also thank you to those that brought something for it. Even more, the people that helped clean up were awesome. Thank you SO much! There were so many people that I can't pinpoint all of them. 
I do however want to apologize to Elec and her Highness herself. Elec made some wonderfully elaborate cookies and sent them with me for the Salon. In the hustle and bustle of court, the salon, and the fact that I managed to grab a pair of black pants and not a black skirt, I completely forgot to pull them out and plate them for the Salon. Her Highness was expecting them, and I am so very sorry that Elec's hardwork was for naught and that Her Highness was deprived of such an ambrosiatic dish.

-Lady Grainne Kathleen NicPadraig MacDaniel 
None is deceived but he who trusts too much.
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