[Ansteorra] Kicking around an idea for our upcoming event

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Anything you do to make?eventing easier or cheaper for newcomers I think is a good idea, however, you will need to make sure you have enough help to make sure they have a good first event and at the same time help them not interupt the flow of the event itself. Too many newcomers?has the potential to?tip the event toward being a mega demo.
So you're suggesting half off gate, and then would the non member surcharge be added on to that or not? How are you defining 'newcomer'?? First ever SCA event attended, or what?

Debora of Durham.

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Howdy folks,

I've been kicking around an idea for our upcoming Jagermeister event and
thought I'd pose the query here.

Ffynnon Gath's Jagermeister will be here soon, September 12-14th, and I was
thinking about offering new comers half price gate fees.  We're also trying
to put together some SCA 101 classes and looking for garb donations and
teachers/mentors.  If there is interest we can set this in motion but I
would need some help getting the word out to the newcomers of our kingdom
and might need some help from Hospitalers who would be interested in running
some classes or interacting with the new comers.  We could even go so far as
to set up a pavilion specifically for new comers so that folks could help
them understand what is going on during the tournaments.



Robert de Bray
Autocrat - Jagermeister 2008 

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