[Ansteorra] Steppes Artisain Lost and found

Annwn Shona lady.annwn at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 19:33:19 PDT 2008

Sorry this is going out so late, my brain has been busy with other
processes! Not to mention just being busy in general, as most of you can
understand I am sure!
My apologies to those that get this more than once, but considering the
people that travel to our exceptional competition, I thought putting this on
the Kingdom list was appropriate as well.

I have a couple items that were left in the church after the doors were
closed, if they belong to you, please email me privately to arrange
when/where/how we can get these items back to you!

List of items:

1 canvas bag with Ansteorran crown patch (I'm thinking maybe belonging to
CP's Elizabeth or Gunthar?)
1 canvas bag with stars and just a crown painted on it
1 earthen-ware mug (email me with colors to claim)
1 clear glass mug (also email with color to claim)

Thank you for your time!

-Lady Annwn

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