[Ansteorra] Meat and Dish competition

Ameline DuBois Ameline at generich.com
Thu Sep 4 18:02:51 PDT 2008

Hi all, I have had some questions about our food competition at Elfsea's
Defender, I hope this answers the questions. Feel free to email me if
you need more clarification.  Ameline at generich.com   

Your meat entry MUST hold together for a six inch drag measured from the
opposite end I will be pulling from. I will grasp one end of the meat
entry and pull, when the other end moves a total of six inches, I will
measure the meat's length.
Your dish entry must be sat down as a total entry not built at the
measuring table. I will measure it 30 seconds after it is sat on the
These competitions are open to any person or persons who wish to
compete. The rules and prize will be the same for one person or twenty.
Good luck to you all and have fun!!!!

Repeat of rules:
Baroness Ameline and Baron Armand wishes to hold a competition at the
pot luck dinner at defender. Come one come all to compete or just see
who measures up!
Longest Meat Competition:
This is a tribute to His Highness Gunther and the wonderful sausage he
made for Laurels Prize and Twelfth- Night last year.
Your entry must be cooked, it does not have to be in a casement like
sausage but it must be 100% edible, and be strong enough to hold
together for a 6" drag across the measuring table. I will have up to
three tables covered in plastic for measuring use.
The Tallest Dish:
Your dish must stand on its own in a platter that will fit in a square 2
foot by 2 foot taped off on the measuring tables. If weight is above the
limit of the tables capacity I will have a platform on the ground to
measure from. The dish will be measured from the base of the platter to
the top of the food. Height extenders of no more than 12 inch can be
used, and three extra bases no bigger than 12 inches around, they do not
need to be eatable. I was thinking wedding cake or bamboo skewers but
you are only limited by the 12 inch rules.

This is open to individuals or households there will be a $20 prize for
each and of course bragging rights!!! Good luck to all!

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