[Ansteorra] The Formation of "Bezants"

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I would also commend the repouss{e'} research of Cairenne and Suzanna to
those interested in the forming of shapes from thin metal sheets.
(Sources may have *started* with Theophilus, I just know that this pair
of craftswomen have practice in the form...)

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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> Hell Your Grace,
> Bezants could indeed be made by using a soft foil metal and 
> embossing onto a mold. I've encountered an artisan who was 
> showing exactly that technique at a Pennsic artisan display 
> several years ago. She was showing the use of a very thin 
> sheet of brass or copper over a soapstone form. A simple 
> burnisher of a rounded wooden stick is enough to impress the 
> image into the metal. Once made, a small punch (any sharp 
> point in a handle) is sufficient to make the small hole to 
> allow it to be sewn to a garment.
> I am unsure if I could find the documentation I might have 
> been able to pickup from the artisan and after the 
> intervening years I am unsure who it was anymore.
> Hopefully that will help you in your quest.
> Haraldr Bassi, Bjornsborg
> willowdewisp at juno.com wrote:
> > I have been trying to find out about period use of branding 
> or burning 
> > on leather or wood. Do any of you have any resources I 
> could look at 
> > at? Also do any of you metal or coin crafts people know how the 
> > decorative "bezants" were made. I don't mean the coin but the thin 
> > metal things that were to on garments and fabric. I know the simple 
> > one could be made with a die but the more complex deeper 
> relief look 
> > like they might have made with a pressing over a mold. what 
> do think? 
> > willow 

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