[Ansteorra] Was " Kicking around an idea" - New Comers at Jagermeister

Randy Nicholson rnicholson2 at gvtc.com
Thu Sep 4 09:18:45 PDT 2008

Greetings Ansteorra,

After some discussion here in our Shire and with confirmation of policies
and procedures at a Kingdom level here is what we are going to offer.  

If this is your first 'official' SCA event ('official' defined as
on-calendar event other than populace meeting, demo, etc.) the site fee will
be waived, which means NO NMS fee will be charged.  However we will be
taking donations!

If you have been in the SCA for less than 6 months but have been fairly
active (this will not be your first 'official' event) we will charge half
price plus NMS.

We're going to use the honor system here.  It is after all the basis of our

Please spread the word, and if you can and do know of any newcomers who will
be attending our event, give them our coupon.  What coupon you ask?  Well,
if you email me directly I'll forward it to you and you can pass it out
either electronically or in person to those folks who are new in your area.
The coupons are also available on our event web site.

rnicholson2 at gvtc.com

We will be holding classes for our newcomers.  There will be a pavilion on
the list field specifically designated for the new comers.  There will be
several small classes and a round table discussion offered for new comers
who attend.  Topics may include but are not limited to; "What exactly is it
that you're seeing on the tournament field", "How to participate in court",
"SCA 101", and "Garb 101".

Robert de Bray
Ffynnon Gath Jagermeister 2008

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