[Ansteorra] News Flash Gothic War: Don Keyes Arrested, Tried and Convicted

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Sun Sep 7 08:30:45 PDT 2008

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And now the News:
Last Sunday morningLord Donald Keyes was arrested by the Trelac Guard and brought before the Royal Court of Ansteorra,  Lord Keyes had been charged with the crimes of illegal arms sales, war profiteering, inciting riot and insurrection, unfair business and trade practices, knowingly selling tainted food, accessory to murder, and withholding money from the Crown.  This last charge seemed to the be the most damming for Lord Keyes in the eyes of the Court.  
After a short trial at Gothic War,  Lord Keyes was found guilty based on evidence presented by the Guard, which included sworn statements friom a number of Lord Keyes' associates who turned States evidence against their former employer.  Lord Keyes, who proclaimed his innocence up to the very end, charged the Guard with acts of torture while in their captivity, including making him drink bad wine.  Looking at Lord Keyes bruised and battered face,  it was evident that he had been in a fight or had been beaten, but his professed innocence and charges of brutality by the Guard brought him no sympathy from the Court,  who found Lord Keyes guilty and sentenced him to death.  At 5:30 pm, Sunday, on the 31st day of August, Anno Domini 2008, Lord Keyes was executed by the Guard, thus ending a most horrific season of chaos, economic hardship and war.
Now, as the living bury the dead from this unfortunate and avoidable war, we realize that Trelac was blameless in the death of Bonwicke’s Court minister, as it was in the other acts of vandalism and extortion committed within the region.  The death of Lord Shui was a last desperate attempt on the part of Lord Keyes to promote a war between Bonwicke and Trelac and thus further destabilize the region and  allow for the eventual take over by his organization of the businesses, lands, and people of the region.  Whether Lord Keys believed that here within the western region, he could carve out a kingdom for himself in which to be king we will never know for sure.  All we can say is that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The Trelac guard is to be commended in their diligence and resourcefulness in uncovering the truth in this matter.  Let us hope we have all learned something from this experience and that Trelac and Bonwicke will
 once again be allies against the enemies of Ansteorra.


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