[Ansteorra] Ladies Quarters at Elfsea Defender

Sandra Geil alexsandraeryn at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 7 12:40:29 PDT 2008

Subject:Ladies Quarters

A Pavilion has been set aside for ladies to sleep in on Friday and Saturday night. This is ladies only -- the gentlemen will have to sleep some other where. If the trouble of setting up a tent was keeping you from joining their excellencies then your problem is solved.

The pavilion we are graciously offered will sleep 6 - 8 and so I must know who will wish to join in...

Here are the RULES:
1. Ladies only 

2. Bring your own bed
     Single air mattress(preferred as it may be stowed away)
     cot (must have cloth cover, be sturdy enough for seating, and placed at the back of the pavilion during the day)
3. Box or chest with cloth cover (for anything you are not carrying with you during the day -- this includes the air mattress)

The autocrat's stipulations follow:
     The pavilion will be put on the list field, but must be used as a list pavilion open for anyone to sit under, not just ladies, during the day. All ladies shall put away their things during the day and then after the festivities they can put up the walls and make use of the pavilion for sleeping. You may decorate it as you like, just try to remember that we are trying to go for the most period look for the list field. The walls must be taken down no later than 8:30 Saturday morning, so as to be ready for court at 9am. If the ladies who are partaking in the pavilion Saturday night, could please help in taking it down on Sunday morning, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please reply to -- alexsandraeryn at yahoo.com -- to reserve a place. 
I will need to know which nights you will be sleeping in the pavilion (Friday and/or Saturday). The reserved spot will be first RSVP, first served.



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