[Ansteorra] ISO champions from Triumphe II

Manners, Tabitha tabitha.manners at okstate.edu
Tue Sep 9 08:31:13 PDT 2008

Greetings.  Could the following champions please contact me off list at Liliana at hailmog.org<mailto:Liliana at hailmog.org>.   I need to coordinate with each of you concerning this year's Triumphe of the Eclipse.

Godwin of Edington & Elsena de Bayone---Guardian and Queen of Charm and Intellect
Gassion de Beumarchais & Delesse de Beumarchais---Insegnante and Queen of Dignity and Sophistication
Bianca della Vittoria---Minstrel of the Eclipse
Lucia Piazetta---Artisan of the Eclipse
Katrina Pritchard---Chess Maestro of the Eclipse
Douglas MacGriffin---Yeoman of the Eclipse
Greydon Redwolf---Marksman of the Eclipse

Thank you,

Liliana Byrnes

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