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Haraldr Bassi ansteorra at haraldr.drakkar.org
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We are in San Antonio and can accommodate up to 7 non-smokers on two doubles, a queen and a 
single. More could find crash space on a floor if needed. We have two dogs, people with 
allergies might not be comfortable. I am on email constantly so drop a private note if you need 
to find crash space up in Bjornsborg.

Does anyone know when a decision will be made regarding the event this weekend? I checked the 
website and don't see any updates.

Haraldr Bassi

medicfem at aol.com wrote:
> Think of your Scadians to the south here in Seawinds as we prepare. Word is IH 37 will be north bound only starting tomorrow. Right now they predicted a slowing?and strengthing of Ike possibly a Cat 3 or maybe even a 4. Seawinds is still dead center of expectated landfall. Many of us are required to stay in town. 
> My Lord Gavin will be evacuating people using school buses possibly starting tomorrow. The hospitals are starting tomorrow morning.
> Prayers please,
> Caley
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> Well we now have a 'cold' front coming from the north.  It appears that 
> unless Ike gets a wild fish up his eye it will go further south.  So we 
> might get some rain which means we can have bonfire.
> Runa
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> From: <Niklas
> I really doubt Ike will hit th upper coast.
> Most likely it will come in near Freeort to Corpus and drice west.
> The track will be known by Wed afternoon. That's when the SOC and Jack will 
> punch evacuattion button for the strike area ( or that's what he said on the 
> conf call at 4:30 this afternoon).
> Niklas

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