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They will start using the "evaculanes" on I-37 Wed.

This is NOT "Contra-Flow". There is a BIG difference, trust me on this one.

They will be using the wide shoulders of the interstate to move extra 
lanes of traffic north for the evac.

At no less than H-36 hours, the decision will be made whether to punch 
the button on Contra-flow. That will depend on how the evac goes before 
then and how many estimated people are left and the intensity of the 
storm and final track.

If you are in the Victoria area or Matagorda area, I would consider 
leaving if Ike performs according to the models.


One big consideration no matter where you are or go if you are in or 
near the effected areas....be sure to fill up you gas tanks of your 

Once the storm hits, power is lost, the fuel depots and stations will 
clsoe and not re-open till the storm is over and power restored. This 
can take some time dependent on where they are located.

The Governors Dept of Emergency Management and TxDOT have several good 
web pages on hurricane preparedness.

In Service,
H.E. Niklas

medicfem at aol.com wrote:
> Think of your Scadians to the south here in Seawinds as we prepare. Word is IH 37 will be north bound only starting tomorrow. Right now they predicted a slowing?and strengthing of Ike possibly a Cat 3 or maybe even a 4. Seawinds is still dead center of expectated landfall. Many of us are required to stay in town. 
> My Lord Gavin will be evacuating people using school buses possibly starting tomorrow. The hospitals are starting tomorrow morning.
> Prayers please,
> Caley

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