[Ansteorra] Defender Hafla!!!!

Wed Sep 10 07:42:46 PDT 2008

Hello all good gentles and all not so good ones as well -you know who you

Defender is coming soon and it is going to be a fantastic event!!!!!!  The
powers that be have asked me to coordinate a middle eastern dance hafla for
Saturday night, and I am so excited about it!!  We have been granted the
use of a huge and beautiful tent that will be decorated with tons of
twinkle lights and rugs and loaded with food and beverage (and dancing

Come one, come all!!!!  Everyone who wants to dance, drum, watch dancing,
eat, drink, party , hang out with friends, have a great time is
invited!!!!!  Please all of our fantastic musicians and dancers, come to
the party!  It is going to be a ton of laid back fun!
If you have a special dance or performance you would like to perform,
GREAT!!!  I will have my ipod sound dock if you would like to bring music
on your ipod to play!  (If you only have your music on a cd, please bring
your cd player)  Hopefully, canned music will not be necessary with all he
live drumming, but even the best band needs a breather, no?

The hafla will be in the large 'wine and cheese' tent (it is colored maroon
and yellow) near the list field following the torchlight tourney (or at the
whim of the powers that be)

What?  you don't dance or drum but would like to help the hafla is some
way?  THANK YOU!!!  I will be needing ALL kinds of rugs in every shape and
size to make a soft, layered, dance area.  I will need help putting up a
gazillion twinkle lights.  I would love any and all pillows, cloth hangings
etc to give us that cool 'in the harem' feeling that you would like to

please, you have my permission to cross post this to missive anywhere to
get the word out about the hafla!!

Any questions?  please e-mail me @ schubert_donita_l at lilly.com or call me @
Thank you so much and I can't wait to see you!

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