[Ansteorra] need doumunation on wood and leather burning

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Dear Therasia,
In regards to your post, if said class is to be in the Elfsea/Loch Ruadh  
area, you are more than welcome to use my home.  I have a guest room  downstairs 
with A/C, a ceiling fan, and a bed.  My kitchen is large, and  you could use 
my oven, which I assure you is quite mundane.  Sounds like an  interesting 
class to me, and we are always looking for good A & S activities  in this area.
M. Caterina Fregoso 
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Good  Your Grace (and gentle cousins):

after my post regarding hot working  leather
and mentioning that I would visit groups to
teach leather stuff,  you asked where I was
located and what the paramenters would be
to get  me to come teach a class.

For  groups between two and four
hours from my house, I would be happy  to
teach any Saturday or any Sunday afternoon.
For groups farther than  that, crash space is
required on a real bed in a room with A/C.

Any  class involving cuir boulli requires an
oven.  Not a grill, not a  torch, not a stove,
not hot plate.  It has to be a real  mundane

Bribes of decent coffee and really good  sushi
are always  welcome.

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